Welcome to Navigating Autism Plus!  – Our website is currently under construction.
We are a brick and mortar company founded in 2013 and located in Baltimore, Ohio.  We provide full Educational Evaluations and Related Services including (but not limited to) Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Intervention Specialists, Orton Gillinham Tutoring, and training in Social Skills/Executive Functions.  Our service professionals have extensive training in specialized fields including Autism, Dyslexia, Trauma Counseling, Sensory Processing, Visual-Perceptual Reasoning, Pragmatic Language, and Social Communication. Our mission is to:  collaborate with school districts, families, community agencies and businesses in Licking and surrounding counties in Ohio to help meet the high demand of assessments and therapeutic services for children with special needs.

Unlike other services providers, who are little more than a loosely-based network, each of our clinics are located under one roof, and are managed by professionals who have worked together for 15 years and have 55 years of combined experience in their professions.  For each evaluation the assessment results from each clinic are compared using an intra-disciplinary approach, and a team decision is made regarding the educational needs of the child.  For more information regarding our company, partners, and department heads visit the About Us section.  To learn more about our Educational Evaluations and Related Services, choose from one the Service categories in the Top Menu.