About Us

Navigating Autism Plus was founded in 2013 by experienced, dedicated professionals to provide a Gold Level standard of service in diagnosing and servicing the needs of children with educational difficulties.  NA+ provides services to multiple charter schools; has conducted dozens of private and individual educational evaluations; and offers occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, and tutoring services.  Our company is located in Baltimore, Ohio and serves Franklin, Fairfield, Licking, and surrounding counties.   We offer en-suite services with flexible scheduling for children who require evaluations or services across multiple disciplines.  We are qualified providers of the Jon Peterson and Autism scholarships through the Ohio Department of Education.

Our credentialed special education assessment and related service providers are available for schools experiencing unexpected workload or staff shortages. Our providers are carefully chosen based on standards of excellence. Credentials are verified, references are checked, and mandatory criminal history background checks are conducted for each professional at NA+. Schools have the opportunity to interview prospective providers via phone or in person.  We only service local charter, private, and home schools, providing ongoing access to our providers.

To help identify and address these barriers to learning, our programs provide services to children and their families across private, charter, and homeschool settings. Without the process of a thorough evaluation, thoughtful diagnosis, and a comprehensive educational plan, the gap between the child’s performance and grade level standards continues to widen.  Areas known to impact a child’s educational performance include speech/language, social communication, fine motor skills, visual perceptual skills, sensory integration, focus, attention, adaptive skills, cognitive processing, behavioral regulation, executive functioning, to name a few.  Any one of these difficulties can prevent children from fully participating in the learning environment.  In each of our clinical departments, licensed professionals with advanced education, experience, and training offer comprehensive evaluations, research-based intervention programs, and functional strategies for everyday living.  Our professionals collaborate across all clinics and disciplines to formulate creative, effective educational plans and therapies, based on each child’s individual needs. This en-suite, team approach to servicing the broad scope of a child’s needs ultimately improves long-term outcomes for each child we serve.