Ellen Ridenour

Ellen Ridenour MS
Department Head of Speech/Language

Ellen is a graduate of Minot State University, completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Education and Master of Science degree in Speech Pathology.  Ellen maintains a Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association (ASHA) and is licensed by both the Ohio Board of Speech Pathology and the Ohio Department of Education. After working as a speech pathologist in the public schools for 35 years, Ellen spent two years focusing on assessment and treatment of children 3 through 18 diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. Ellen’s professional interests include linking research in brain science to treatment, social cognition, autism spectrum disorders, evidence based practice and using children’s literature to teach language and social thinking.

Ellen believes that the ability to use language effectively is critical to understanding our world, developing successful relationships, interacting within the community, and succeeding academically. She believes that developing speaking, listening and communication skills support children in their growth towards becoming independent adults who can use their communication skills to regulate their behavior, develop friendships and become independent, employed citizens. She believes that each child is unique and looks for ways to motivate and move each child forward based on their interests, needs and temperaments. As a life-long learner herself, Ellen hopes to share her joy of learning and enthusiasm for communication with each of her clients.