Programs and Fees


In the absence of a thorough evaluation, thoughtful diagnosis, and a comprehensive educational plan, the gap between the child’s performance and grade level standards continues to widen.  Areas known to impact a child’s educational performance include speech/language, social communication, fine motor skills, visual perceptual skills, sensory integration, focus, attention, adaptive skills, cognitive processing, behavioral regulation, and executive functioning, to name a few.  Any one of these difficulties can prevent children from fully participating in the learning environment.

To help identify and address these barriers to learning, our programs provide services to children and their families across private, charter, and homeschool settings. In each of our departments, licensed professionals with advanced education, experience, and training offer comprehensive evaluations, research-based intervention programs, and functional strategies for everyday living.  Our professionals collaborate across all disciplines to formulate creative, effective educational plans, based on each child’s individual needs. This team approach to servicing the whole child ultimately improves long-term outcomes for each child we serve.

PLEASE NOTE:  The Autism and Jon Peterson Special Needs scholarships can assist in paying for direct services such as intervention, OT or speech that are indicated on your child’s IEP.  Other services will need to be paid for through alternative payment methods, ultimately at the expense of the parent.  Scholarship funds cannot be used to pay for evaluations.


All students serviced by NA+ will be assessed an enrollment/consultation fee per service area ($500.00 for first discipline, $300.00 each additional discipline).  Additionally, all students with academic services will be assigned an intervention specialist to oversee IEP programming at a minimum fee of $1200.00 per academic year covering up to 10 service hours (any additional intervention specialist hours required will be billed according to the fees listed below).

School-Based Services

For School-Based services, please contact our office at (740) 400-4222.  A custom quote will be issued based upon the required services and the number of buildings and children being serviced.

Individual and Homeschool Services

All services offered are listed below and separated by Clinic category.

NA+ Education Center                                                                                                                                  

Educational Evaluation (ADOS2 only; or COG/ACH only etc.)                                               $885.00

State testing (mandatory)                                                                                                           $1200.00

Psycho-educational Evaluation (COG/ACH; SOCIALEMOT; ADAPTIVE; EF; as needed)     $2300.00

Interdisciplinary Autism Evaluation (includes ADOS2, SPL, OT, PsychoEducational)       $3200.00

Tutoring Hourly Rate (OH licensed teacher)                                                                            $100.00

Tutoring Hourly Rate (trained but not yet licensed as a teacher in OH)                             $65.00

Reading Specialist Hourly Rate                                                                                                  $125.00

Math Specialist Hourly Rate                                                                                                       $125.00

Intervention Specialist Hourly Rate                                                                                          $125.00

Home School Advisor Hourly Rate                                                                                            $100.00

Parent Training (e.g. ADHD, Autism, Special Education Law; hourly)                                  $125.00

School Staff Training (e.g. Gen Ed Staff in Special ED, RtI; hourly)                                       $285.00

Community Workshops (e.g. Building Autism-friendly communities)                               –VARIES—

Off Site Treatment Sessions (per trip fee)                                                                                 $10.00

NA+ Behavioral Interventions                                                                                                    

Social/Emotional Evaluation                                                                                                        $350.00

Adaptive Functioning Evaluation                                                                                                $275.00

Executive Functioning Evaluation                                                                                               $275.00

School Health Screening (BMI, BP, Vision, Hearing)                                                                $275.00

Behavioral Health Intake Interview                                                                                            $350.00

Navigating Health Issues – individual, family health education (hourly)                             $145.00

Navigating Anxiety, Depression, Etc (CBT) – individual                                                           $225.00

Navigating Anxiety, Depression, Etc (CBT) –Group (per participant/per session)              $100.00

Navigating Anxiety, Depression, Etc (CBT) –Maintenance (per session)                              $100.00

Navigating Trauma – Individual (8 weeks)                                                                                $1650.00

Navigating Trauma – Group (per participant/per session)                                                    $100.00

Off Site Treatment Sessions (per hour; minimum of 1 hour)                                                $200.00

*Home-based services are offered at an additional cost. Please call for availability and a price quote.

NA+ Speech/Language Center                                                                                                                  

Speech/Language Evaluation                                                                                                      $830.00

Speech Only Evaluation                                                                                                               $275.00

Speech/Language Therapy Annual Review (per targeted area)                                            $125.00

Phonemic Awareness Evaluation                                                                                               $425.00

Expanded Social Language Evaluation (fee + Speech/Language evaluation)                     $225.00

Speech/Language Therapy 30 Minute Session Rate                                                               $100.00

Speech/Language Therapy 45 Minute Session Rate                                                               $125.00

Speech/Language Therapy 1 Hour Session Rate                                                                     $150.00

Group Speech/Language Therapy 30 – 45 Minute Session Rate (per participant)             $85.00

Group Speech/Language Therapy 60 – 90 Minute Session Rate (per participant)             $100.00

Off Site Treatment Sessions (per hour; minimum of 1 hour)                                                $200.00

Speech & Hearing Screenings                                                                                                     $100.00

NA+ Occupational Therapy Center                                                                                                         

Occupational Therapy Evaluation includes three of the following areas:                             $800.00

Visual Motor
Visual Perceptual
Fine Motor
Gross Motor
Sensory Checklist
Sensory (direct assessment)
Standardized Handwriting Assessment
Other (e.g. left/right reversal, Activities of Daily Living)
With above package, additional assessments (above) per area                                             $125.00

Stand alone Assessments:

Visual Motor Evaluation                                                                                                                 $300.00

Visual Perceptual Evaluation                                                                                                         $300.00

Fine Motor Evaluation                                                                                                                    $400.00

Gross Motor Evaluation                                                                                                                 $400.00

Sensory Checklist                                                                                                                            $250.00

Sensory Evaluation                                                                                                                         $450.00

Handwriting Evaluation                                                                                                                 $400.00

Jordan Left/Right Reversal Evaluation                                                                                         $300.00

Activities of Daily Living Evaluation (ADLs)                                                                                 $300.00

Occupational Therapy Annual Review (per targeted area)                                                      $125.00

Occupational Therapy 30 Minute Session                                                                                  $100.00

Occupational Therapy 45 Minute Session                                                                                  $125.00

Occupational Therapy 1 Hour Session                                                                                        $150.00

Group Occupational Therapy 30 – 45 Minute Session Rate (per participant)                      $85.00

Group Occupational Therapy 60 – 90 Minute Session Rate (per participant)                      $100.00

Off Site Treatment Sessions (per hour; minimum of 1 hour)                                                 $200.00

NA+ Research-Based Intervention Programs (see individual program descriptions)         

Navigating Homeschool                                                                                                             $6000.00

Therapeutic Listening (one time intake fee + OT per session fee as listed above)          $750.00

Astronaut Training (one time intake fee + OT per session fee as listed above)               $750.00

Bal-A-Vis-X (one time intake fee + OT per session fee as listed above)                             $450.00

Navigating Self-Regulation (10 weeks)                                                                                      VARIES

Navigating Written Communication                                                                                          VARIES

Navigating Social Communication                                                                                             VARIES

Sails of Strength (ADHD/Executive Function Coaching; 10 week Package)                       $1650.00

Navigating ADHD/Executive Function (Individual Session – per hour)                              $180.00

Coping Cat (Anxiety reduction; 9 weeks)                                                                                $1950.00

Skills Groups/Custom Programs (6-18 weeks)                                                                        VARIES

E.G. Social Skills, Executive Functioning, Adaptive Functioning, Handwriting (age 4-6; 6-8), Social Communication, Custom groups based on needs of clientele.

Custom program costs will be determined by individual client needs, program length, and skills addressed.  Custom programs may be billed as per session fees or as a flat monthly fee for a prescribed number of months depending upon the program and parent preferences.  Pros and cons of each billing method will be explained and total cost will be agreed upon in writing by client and Navigating Autism Plus prior to initiation of services.

NA+ Virtual Intervention Programs                                                                                 

Virtual intervention programs are available for a variety of services offered by NA+ including occupational therapy, speech therapy, academic intervention, school psychological services, etc.  Some virtual intervention programs include an initial intake fee of $1200.00 in addition to the individual service intake fees explained at the top of this fee schedule.  Virtual intervention programs ideally include periodic in-person intervention sessions.  Each virtual intervention program is customized to meet the needs of the individual client and preferences of the parent or guardian.  Customized virtual intervention programs are typically billed as a flat monthly fee for a prescribed number of months based upon the number of hours desired and the types of services provided but can also be billed as per session fees according to the services provided and using the rates previously listed in this fee schedule. Pros and cons of each billing method will be explained and total cost will be agreed upon in writing by client and Navigating Autism Plus prior to initiation of services.

NA+ Additional Services, Fees, and Charges                                                                                       

Advocacy – Teleconference (hourly)                                                                                          $125.00

Advocacy – Face to Face (hourly + travel time/mileage)                                                         $150.00

Consultation – Teleconference (hourly)                                                                                    $125.00

Consultation – Face-to-Face (hourly + travel time/mileage)                                                  $150.00

Consultative Off-Site Observation (hourly + travel/mileage)                                                 $150.00

Late Cancellation/Missed Visit Fee (see parent handbook)                                                   $100.00

Document Reproduction and Transmission (plus $1/page)                                                  $10.00

Court Testimony (Hourly fee plus mileage, wait time and travel time)                               $250.00



Services at NA+ are distinctive.  The interdisciplinary team approach to evaluations and services is a unique model that improves the rate of skill development in the children we serve. It would be an honor to help you navigate the complex course leading to enhanced educational outcomes and increased life satisfaction for your entire family.  We realize that the services we provide are a long-term investment into your child’s present and future quality of life.  As such, we have worked hard at NA+ to offer several creative funding sources to meet the financial obligations of accessing our high-quality services.

Primarily, NA+ is a private pay facility; we do not participate on insurance panels.  We accept cash, debit cards, credit cards, checks, and OH scholarship payments. Payment options are available, as listed below.

OH Jon Peterson and Autism Scholarships.  We are approved providers on the Jon Peterson and Autism Scholarships.  If you do not receive scholarship funding for your special needs child, please contact us for more information!  If you currently receive scholarship funding, we can help you allocate appropriate funds for our services.

Flexible Spending Account (FSA).  Most FSAs can be used to pay for therapy treatment, such as SP/L and OT services. If you do not already participate in a Flexible Spending Account through your employer, find out whether such a plan is offered.  If so, you can put funds from your paycheck into a tax-free account, providing a substantial savings.

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP).  An EAP is an employee benefit programs offered by many employers, to help employees and their immediate family members deal with personal problems that might adversely impact their performance, health, and well-being.  Many of these programs will cover short-term behavioral, social and adaptive skills interventions.  Check with your employer to see if they offer such a program.

Pre-payment Evaluation Discount.  We offer a 5% pre-payment discount if you (private) pay in full at the first evaluation session.

Pay As You Go.  Pay for each evaluation and/or therapy session prior to treatment, at the time of service.

Short-term Loans.  Huntington Bank offers short-term loans with no collateral to fund your evaluations, if needed.  Please contact your closest Huntington Bank for specific details.

Payment Plans.  We also offer payment plans to qualifying families on a limited basis.  Payment plans are offered only when all other financing options have been exhausted.